About ReServ

“ReServ” offers innovative reusable & sustainable products for trendsetters who want to “Be the Change” they wish to see in the world; to reduce single-use plastic, and preserve the beautiful nature for the next generations. Re + Serv also means to serve you, again and again.

ReServ is a sustainable brand under S.K. Polymer, a “professional rubber manufacturer” with 27 years of OEM & ODM experiences in medical, automotive, E&E and other industries. We are certified by ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 13485 (implementation); and we operate under control rooms & clean rooms. We are the manufacturer who strongly believes in sustainability. With ReServ, we deliberately transform ideas into innovative products, based on daily eco-living experiences of our own’s and friends’.

The Making of ReServ Straw

at our world-class medical-device manufacturing facility

S.K. Polymer is proud to be a leading rubber and plastic components compounder, manufacturer, and processor for pharmaceutical and medical devices. We continually strive to achieve higher standards in ensuring the safety of our products while simultaneously improving production efficiency. Our new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is designed to fulfill the highest standards of ISO 13485 : 2016 certification and control room facilities.

The new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is fully equipped with control rooms, and designed to accommodate future clean rooms (molding & treatment processes classes 100,000 and 10,000. Packing unit class 100). There are separated mixing rooms for silicone vs. other raw materials. Air showers are placed in between critical room connections. Our staff’s working areas within the molding rooms, are neatly separated from the machines and maintenance zones with iso-walls. 

A unique, Patent-Pending feature of two different silicone hardness, for ‘Smooth Sip, Strong Stir’ straws

No more flimsy & sloppy silicone straw. With our patent-pending feature, you can sip smoothly from the top of the straw, while stirring with the stiffer bottom of the ReServ silicone straw! Still curious? Head over to our blog to discover more about us!